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You’ll find a selection of free easy recipes for enticing appetizers, healthy dinners, simple desserts and more…

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Quick easy dinner recipes for those busy weeknights?

Dinner ideas for a special occasion or holiday dinner?

A simple dinner recipe to spruce up your evening routine?

Cooking tips, tools, and techniques?

Then be sure to bookmark Simple-Dinner-Recipes.com, and check back with us as we add to our growing assortment of delicious free recipes.

What do we mean by simple dinner recipes?

Simple recipes can be comfort food like a steaming bowl of split pea soup, or a cheddar-crusted King Ranch casserole...

Simple recipes can be as sophisticated as a platter of mussels steamed in white wine, a traditional Greek mussel recipe...

And healthy foods like simple salmon recipes, rich in the omega-3 fatty acids crucial for brain function, and recommended for a healthy heart...

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We like easy recipes that are big on flavor, and use quality ingredients like olive oil, or fresh herbs and spices...

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We like simple dinner recipes. We hope you do too!

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